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Since 1991, PATRICIA NASCIMENTO is captivating the fashion world with her trade in luxurious and unique models.

The modeling with marked waist is an icon in her griffe; the pieces are created for women’s welfare, involving the customer in a harmonic symphony of power and exclusivity.

In addition to fascinating models for prompt delivery, Patricia offers a personalized service style "Sur-mesure", which draws in tune with the customer's dream.

If you want to ride the complete look, inside the store there are unforgettable jewels to promote a production among accessories and clothing.

Her clients are sophisticated women looking for a distinctive and personal modeling.

The pieces take shape from fine fabrics like silk, muslin, silk tulle lace, silk straw, chiffon, organza, lace’s patchwork and precious flanged prints. All the Know-how and care in her studio’s service is also shown in her Prêt- à-porter collection.

In her fashion trade there are an elegant store at Lourdes, in Belo Horizonte and a charming studio in Contagem, at Belo Horizonte outskirts, in Brazil.

Both the online and the personal attendance are set at an appointed time.

Exclusive Attendance


Tuesday to Friday: 1pm - 8pm
Saturday: 9am - 2pm

Rua Marte, 477 | Jardim Riacho
Contagem / MG / Brazil | Tel.: +55 31 3396-4043


Monday, Wednesday and Friday:
12:30pm and 13:30pm

Av. Olegário Maciel, 1713 | Lourdes
Belo Horizonte / MG / Brazil | Tel: +55 31 3291-5311


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